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Event Sponsorship Predictions for 2018

SIMON RICHARDSON - Feb 9, 2018 1:42:47 PM

In 2017, the majority of companies still perceived event sponsorship as an add-on to their other more important, business generating set of marketing activities. Sponsoring an event is, to this day, associated with doing good, giving back and showing off the softer side of the company.

My prediction is that 2018 will be the year where this ends, where doing well replaces doing good as a reason for sponsoring. A confluence of trends will transform event sponsorship into becoming recognised as a marketing channel in its own right alongside display ads, search, social, TV or print advertising.

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How do you know if your event sponsor is right for you?

SIMON RICHARDSON - Dec 20, 2017 12:25:58 PM

Finding sponsorship for your event can be a difficult part of the event planning process. But before you head out there with your hopes high and your pitch ready, ask yourself this question – how do you know if your sponsor is right for you?

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What’s Your Event Worth?

SIMON RICHARDSON - Nov 28, 2017 3:49:52 PM

A simple set of principles on how to price your sponsorship correctly

All events, from the biggest live broadcast sports matches to the tiniest local gathering have one thing in common: They all have value from a sponsor perspective. If you have an event with an audience it has value. The question, of course, is how much?

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5 Data Points You Need to Get Right to Land Event Sponsorship

SIMON RICHARDSON - Oct 5, 2017 10:29:21 AM

“The sponsor value of an event is in the data. This is a simple truth that many event organisers miss. No professional, or semi-professional event organiser can count on real financial sponsorship without data to back up their claims about how good their event actually is. It’s that simple. No reliable data = no serious financial sponsor.”

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Events get data standard for sponsorship

SIMON RICHARDSON - Aug 14, 2017 5:39:01 PM

Event analytics is complicated requiring advanced big data analysis of social media, ticketing and event app feeds at minimum. Airfinity, a London based tech startup, is simplifying all parts of the data process with a fully automated, one-stop solution for event organisers and sponsors. The first of its kind. 

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Top 9 events to attend at London Tech Week 2017

SIMON RICHARDSON - Jun 9, 2017 1:34:01 PM

Glastonbury for techies is upon us again. Whether you’re into VR, AI or just want to see what tools are better than Excel, there’s an event for you. So here at Airfinity we thought we’d use our proprietary event data to pick out some of the top events taking place over the week. Think we’ve missed something great? Let us know in the comments.

Leaders in Tech Summit by KNect 365
£699-£1299 - Tuesday 13th - Wednesday 14th June - 08:45 - 16:15 - Google UK (SW1W 9SH)

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The London tech event scene is booming but money isn’t pouring into the tank

RASMUS BECH HANSEN, FOUNDER & CEO. - Apr 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Tech professionals are not screen junkies. They congregate in person as never before. London is hosting an exploding number of small and midsized tech events. In 2016 there were more than 800,000 attendees to over 10,000 events for tech professionals in the capital. This is another clear indication of London’s growing competitiveness as a global tech centre with more than 300,000 jobs and a £56 billion turnover. These are just some of the insights published, in the “The Big Potential of Small Events” – the first mapping ever of the London tech event scene – by Airfinity, an event data and insights provider. Airfinity’s analysis reveals that the majority of events are free and rely solely on sponsorship for revenue. But only around half of the events manage to secure monetary sponsorship.

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The £200,000 CPM event

RASMUS BECH HANSEN, FOUNDER & CEO. - Jan 28, 2017 10:03:00 AM

The end of January is a time where 2500 of the world’s movers and shakers meet in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is as premium as an event gets. So for event organizers and sponsors this is an interesting benchmark for what the potential for sponsorship and ticket pricing is if you are, as WEF, top of your league.

So what is actually the price of sponsoring WEF and how does it compare to other event sponsorships? The WEF sponsorship price obviously depends on the package. A simple membership is around £22,000, but to be a top corporate strategic member of which there are around 100 the price is accordingly up to £1M. In total the revenue of WEF is almost approx. £170M. So let’s just conservatively assume an average sponsorship ticket price of £500,000. With 2500 attendees this is £200 per attendee.

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Events are the new black of marketing.

RASMUS BECH HANSEN, FOUNDER & CEO. - Jan 17, 2017 2:31:00 PM

As the world becomes ever more digital, “real life” experiences are becoming the new luxury. When the majority is glued to screens most of the day, the basic human need to get together in real life, share experiences, discuss, listen and learn increases. Eye to eye beats eye to screen.

This is the case even, or maybe in particular, for technology professionals. At Airfinity ( we are data mapping and analysing the world of events. We have compiled a database of all major tech events in London and have noticed that the industry is on a roll. There are more than 5000 events a year, many of them entirely new. More than 250,000 participants. More than 1,000 sponsors.

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